Pentarch and the Faiths

The Pentarch is the ruling body of Scrantello, comprised of the leaders of the five major faiths of Scrantello – Eoj, Illendell, Gradias, Rubidium, and Tardai.

EOJ, Greater Power of Artisans, Construction, Creation, and Crafting.
Patriarch High Mason Faid Ironeyes; Human Male, LG, Cleric 15.
Temple The Workshop.
Masons, as clerics of Eoj are called, favor the functional clothing worn by other artificers –
carpenters, blacksmiths, stonemasons, and so forth. They usually wear a belt with various tools for building and carving.
Their temples are typically called Workshops, filled with all manner of smithys. As adept as they are creating and building, they are some of the finest surgeons and healers to found. Regardless of their seemingly benign capabilities, they are capable combatants, freely donning whatever armor is at hand.
Prayers are performed in the morning as the Twins return to the sky. For a Mason, it is an unforgivably sacrilegious act to perpetrate the destruction of magical objects, even the most vile of artifacts. They will instead seek to acquire the object and lock it away to prevent it being used. Masons bare an intense hatred of Adnihil “The Destroyer” and all who revere her, whose pursuit of annihilation and destruction is blasphemous.

GRADIAS Intermediate Power of the Darksun, Lycanthropes, Shifters, and Fanaticism.
Patriarch True Fanatic Gregor Ptolas, Half-Elf Male, CG, Cleric 14.
Temple Oratorium
Specialty priests of Gradias are known to all aands Zealots. More often than not these passionate and fervent priests live brilliantly short lives. Utterly fearless in battle, their bold
voices can be heard shouting, “GO MEET YOUR GOD OR SEND ME TO MEET MINE!”
Their mettle in battle is unquestioningly equal to that of any warrior. However, few can match their oratory ability to spur others onward and inspire greatness. Fanaticism is the core of a Zealot, and to fan the flames of zeal in others is that for which they live.
Provided nothing dangerous is occurring, without fail Zealots will face east and prostrate themselves as the Twins set. They will maintain their position until the Darksun breaches the horizon.

RUBIDIUM Intermediate Power of Discovery, Knowledge, Revelation, and Spells.
Matriarch Senior Inquisitor Lexa N’Fantia, Eladrin Female, LN, Cleric 15.
Temple The Libram.
Clerics of Rubidium, Inquisitors, revel in uncovering secrets, unraveling mysteries, and discovering the unknown. They believe knowledge must be open to all and used for everyone’s betterment.
Inquisitors are regularly asked to investigate crimes, having an uncanny knack for uncovering the truth. While they are disinclined for combat, they make skilled scouts.
Their prayer ritual is a bit odd to others outside the church. In the evening, they sit and meditate on the day’s activities, reflecting upon what transpired. At the end of their
meditations, they relate whatever was the most significant to a stranger, or scribe it in a journal until such time as they can allow a stranger to read it.

ILLENDELL Intermediate Power of Battle, Tactics, and War.
Matriarch General Ara, Human Female, NG, Cleric 14.
Temple War College
Myrmidon’s are bold and courageous. Straightforward in all dealings, though blunt would be a more apt description. They revel in battle, whether single combat, part combat, or army
against army. They seek to match their skill at arms and tactics against equals.
Ever ready for battle, Myrmidon’s are constantly armed and armored. They believe it is their duty to force their foes to pay the ultimate price for their cause, not die for their own. They are equally cunning on and off the battlefield, though their dealings are terse, speaking only as much as is needed to make their point.
As a clergy, they do not pray to Illendell; rather each time they fight, the fight itself is the prayer. It is not unusual for a Myrmidon to be constantly bruised from especially vigorous

TARDAI Lesser Power of Meditation, Mind, Serenity, and Spirituality.
Patriarch Minder Udo, Half-Orc Male, N, Cleric 14.
Temple Meditation Chamber
Minders pursue an aesthetic life, similar to monks, and oft times are mistakenly identified as monks. They are wholly unflappable, reacting with a raised eyebrow or a simple shrug of the mouth. The tenants of their faith are as simple as their aesthetic lifestyle: no emotion only peace, no ignorance only knowledge, no passion only serenity.
Minders pray to Tardai by meditating both in the morning and evening. Additionally, when performing a task they meditate to Tardai, their movements deliberate and unhurried, as
though full consideration were given to the purpose of the movement itself.

Several other faiths are followed, however, they only have shrines maintained by those who pay homage.
ALLURA Lesser Power of Carnal Passion, Seduction, and Youth.
CHELVER Lesser Power of Art, Bards, and Song.
DYTRRNIKL Intermediate Power of Chivalry, Family, and Mounted Combat.
THE WILD Divine Philosophy of Nature.

The folowing faiths are paid lip service, usually out of fear or anger.
ADNIHIL Greater Power of Annihilation, Cataclysm, and Destruction.
DRAON Intermediate Power of Nature’s Wrath.
VINDICTAE Intermediate Power of Retribution and Vengeance.

Pentarch and the Faiths

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